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GRANES project is co-funded by EU and Greece. The picture contains the logotypes of the funding parts and services.

The GRANES Research Program

A flower shaped filigree part is being soldered on a silversmiths  benchtop. There are depicted the hands of the artisan, holding the soldering torch.

Title: Digitization and design of traditional jewelry, methodology for improving the silversmithing production process


This project has been co-funded by the European Union and Greek national funds through the Research, Create,  Innovate action funded by the Operational Programme Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2014-2020 (EPAnEK). (Project acronym: “DotS – MiSP”, project code: T1EDK-04450).



The GRANES research program envisions a future where traditional, handmade silversmithing products from Ioannina are enhanced through the integration of digital technologies in design and production while maintaining their inherent artistic value. Our goal is to augment the skills of local artisans with cutting-edge tools and techniques, enabling them to create even more intricate and innovative works of art that reflect the rich cultural heritage of the region.


Ioannina silversmithing artifacts derive their artistic value and soul from the skilled hands of local artisans. Our new hybrid design and production methods aim to preserve and enhance these traditional techniques, while also introducing innovative approaches that complement and enrich the craft.

The team


TimAp Design Studio partnered with CTRLZAK, a multidisciplinary studio that specializes in art direction and innovative design forms, to bring their creative expertise to the project.


Susami Creative Agency developed the visual identity for GRANES, including the logo, social media strategy, and communication manuals. They also produced all the related materials to ensure a cohesive and professional brand image.


In addition, the team comprised Dimosthenis Chatzipanteliadis, who brought expertise in electronic and mechanical engineering, Antonios Kanavouras, an expert in ethnographic research, and Panagiota Grigoriadou, whose background in humanitarian studies enriched the project.


Among the results of this project is the repository of emblematic silversmithing artifacts, digitized into 3D Objects, from the Silversmithing Museum and Ali Pasha and Revolutionary Period Museum, located in Ioannina, Greece.

The pictures shows the traditional building of the Silversmithing Museum of Ioannina. On the back of the building is the wall of the Castle of Ioannina, containing a high stone wall and several stone arcs.
The picture shows the traditional two storey house of Ali Pasha, located on the Ioannina lake's island. In this building is based the Ali Pasha and Revolutionary Period Museum.

Throughout the research program, we worked closely with local traditional silversmiths, who shared their insights on the current design and production methods. Their invaluable feedback helped to inform the development of our proposed new hybrid design and production methods.

The picture shows the flow charts of the four hybrid methodologies of silversmithing design and production

The process and the results of the research program were presented at the SEEDA 2022 conference, organized by IEEE and EuroMED 2022 conference, organized by the chair of UNESCO on Digital Cultural Heritage.

The picture is  the poster, presented at the SEEDA 2022 conference, showing the results of the research program.
The picture is  the poster, presented at the EuroMED 2022 conference, showing the results of the research program.

The virtual tour of the Interactive Hall of KEPAVI (Traditional Crafts Center of Ioannina) was made to disseminate the outstanding showcase of the traditional silversmithing methods of Ioannina.

A picture of the Interactive Hall of KEPAVI, showing traditional church artefacts in a hexagonal display.

GRANES is the new TimAp Design Studio brand, focused on the design and production of silver jewelry and utensils, using the above hybrid methodologies, with strong references to the rich Ioannina Silversmithing Tradition.

"GRANES, where Tradition meets Innovation".

GRANES website

TimAp Design Studio created also, numerous drawings and 3D models, which are open and free to use, as a starting point for anyone wishing to create custom jewelry with reference to the traditional patterns of Ioannina. For more information please contact us at

We extend our special thanks to all the stakeholders in the silversmithing community of Ioannina, whose support was crucial to the success of the GRANES research program. Their invaluable contributions helped to turn our vision into a reality.

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